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1606 Virginia Charter 10 April a.d.1606
Citie of Henricus a.d. 1611
King James Version Bible
Henricus College a.d. 1619 - America's First

a.d. 1604 Book of Common Prayer

a.d. 1606 Virginia Company charter to "propagate the Christian religion to the inhabitants..."

a.d. 1607 Jamestowne settlement

a.d. 1611 Citie of Henricus settlement

a.d. 1611 King James Version Holy Bible published

a.d. 1619 "Legislative Liberty" - first legislative assembly at Jamestowne

a.d. 1619 First College in America - Henricus Colledge, to teach Indians faith in Jesus Christ.

If you go to Jamestowne Settlement, you can see a monument to the first "Legislative Liberty" assembly in America that convened there in anno domini 1619.

If you read carefully the names inscribed thereupon, you will see the name John Jefferson representing Flower Dew Hundred on the south shore of the James River, and upriver the Citie of Henricus was represented by a gentleman named Mr. Dowse.

In that same year of a.d. 1619, the first college in America, Henricus Colledge, was founded at the Citie of Henricus, near yet down river a bit from modern day Richmond with the founding purpose to teach the Christian faith to the "Indians" or Native Americans so they would be able to share the Gospel with their brothers.

In a.d. 1804, another Mr. Dowse, a missionary to the Native Americans wrote to President Thomas Jefferson asking him to prepare a Gospel Tract "from the Great White Chief, the President" to aid his efforts in evangelizing the Indians to embrace a faith in Jesus Christ.

Jefferson had written that if the Gospel had been taught as pure as it came from his lips (the lips of Jesus), the whole civilized world would now be Christian. Thus, it was logical for President Jefferson to create a "Gospel Tract" of just the words of Jesus and a few verses for context.

That explains why both the virgin birth of Jesus by his mother Mary, and the miracles are NOT included in the so-called "Jefferson Bible", the reason being that if one studies the Bible closely like Thomas Jefferson did daily, one would know that Jesus NEVER described the virgin birth or the miracles. In one verse in John, Jesus listed the miracles. Jefferson included that verse in what is now called the "Jefferson Bible", so Jefferson did NOT deny the miracles contrary to what most modern historians write and speak.

Jefferson chose for the motto of "His" University of Virginia:
"You shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free."
Those words are from the Gospel of Saint John, Chapter 8, Verse 32
and are the words of Jesus.

By the way,

10 April a.d. 1606

is when the Virginia Company charter was signed by

King James I, where the third paragraph stated

the purpose for the Virginia colony was to

"propagate the Christian Religion

to the inhabitants thereof..."

13 April a.d. 1743

is when Thomas Jefferson was born.

And 13 April a.d. 1943 was the

first official performance of

Testament of Freedom

composed by University of Virginia

Music Professor Randall Thompson.

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